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Gem Riverside sở hữu vị trí đắc địa nằm trên trục đường huyết mạch giao thương tại Quận 2, 2 mặt tiếp giáp sông, ngay trung tâm hành chính Quận 2, sát cạnh khu đô thị bậc nhất Thủ Thiêm và khu Liên Hợp thể thao bậc nhất TP.HCM tìm hiểu tại website https://gemriverside.itr.vn/, xem thêm dự án căn hộ Alpha City quận 1

What to eat in HCM City

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    What to eat in HCM City. Saigon - A famous nightlife city directly under the Southeast region. If you are wondering what the next destination is in your Vietnamese travel guide, hurry up and embrace a plane ticket to Saigon to explore the city beauty and conquer the wet paradise. Good taste. Sai Thanh outside attracts tourists because many buildings are soaring, crowded streets, crowded fun places or ideal places created by human hands are so attractive, this place has a special point. It is the convergence of many Saigon dining venues along with a variety of culinary delights all three regions of the North - Central - South which are so charming that customers who once used them will remember the typical taste.In particular, street food is one of the features in culinary culture in Saigon. So “What to eat???” is the question that you will probably think about first? Please check the dishes below for your food adventure in Sai Gon.


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